Questions and Answers

These are common questions and their answers. If this doesn’t answer your question, then reach out to the organizers via the Contact page.

What do I bring with me?

You bring yourself and your curiosity, plus any fun games, instruments, and (session) ideas that you want to share with the other participants.

What language do I use?

English is the common one used for the conference. It’s ok that your English isn’t perfect. Everyone understands that only with practice do we get better.

Can I come just for few hours?

Please don’t. While we do respect the liberal open-space format, P14 is an ‘all in’ event which means you agree to be there for the whole event.

Can I bring my partner and kids to Play14?

Sure thing, the space is one massive playground anyway. 😀  If you have toddlers, who you want to bring along, please let us know in advance while you register (by writing an extra email) so we can prepare for it. If you have youths that want to participate, they have to register on their own.